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The child had finally come back after days, more like months of absence. SherCAT had mainly been exploring the English terrain on his own. By the looks of his outfit, he seemed to have tried to take good care of himself even if he couldn't do it well enough. His tiny shoes were worn out from all the walking, his coat and his clothing were tattered and slightly stained from use, his hat was stained but he managed to keep it intact, and his face was still as clean as he could manage. He walked and he walked, down the country road he remembered well. This was when he was taken into the care of his... Brother. He had nowhere else to go, and he might as well have visited him after so long (knowing that he tried to hide his tracks so that he wouldn't get found so easily by him).

It took the small being about twenty minutes from where we took note of his location to get to the gates of the estate. He stood in front of it and looked around; did he know a way in? Of course he did. Other thing was, he won't do it that way. He'll just press the button that acted like the basic door bell system and waited. Wondering if he was remembered, or would even be allowed to even see his brother, or if his brother was even around.

((Guess who's back!? That's right! The emotional turmoil has finally been dealt with and school is almost over. That means I'll be getting into college AND I'll have a new laptop and tablet~~ More art will be coming along, hooray!))


Sherlock "CAT" Holmes
United Kingdom
Hello there, my name is Sherlock Holmes. Though there is another one with the same name so I suggest you call me "SherCAT" for obvious reasons.

I am a consulting detective. Well, at least that's what I have come to know with what information given to me and how long I have been around...

Anyways, if there are cases that neither Sherlock's would do, you can come to me for the advice. I do just as many things any Sherlock can do, even though I am one and a half feet tall.


History: shercat-holmes-rp.deviantart.c… All you need to know about this experiment is right here.

Biography: SherCAT, formerly known as the Malayan Cat named STARLIGHT, is one of the many gene experiments developed in the Baskerville Military Institute. He was made to supposedly help the government when ever needed due to the fact that his genes and intelligence are of the one and only Sherlock Holmes. However, due to the many experiments conducted and the major IQ increase, he didn't want to be a part of anything when the scientists request him. He was to be put down but when Mycroft discovered about the whole plan, he intervened and tried to hide SherCAT away. Personality wise, he is very much like Sherlock except for the fact that he can get much easily attached when given the chance. Because of what has happened to him in the past, he has trust issues and is supposedly 'mentally disturbed' and 'mentally and physically unstable'.

:bulletblack: RP Account as part of the SherlockBBC-RP-DA :bulletblack:

:bulletred: This character is roleplayed by :iconpolarangie: :bulletred:


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